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About Us

The North Georgia Housing and Homeless Council is an administrative agency of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church created to partner with and support churches and other organizations that are ministering to those experiencing poverty and homelessness.


The Council awards grants to churches and non-profits that provide housing, food pantries, rental and utility assistance, clothing closets, and other services to our neighbors in need. 

Meet the Director

Rev. Stacey Rushing is an ordained elder in the North Georgia Conference who has a heart for missions and outreach. In her role as Director of the North Georgia Housing and Homeless Council, she brings enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for those experiencing poverty and homelessness, as well as a familiarity with and love for the churches in the North Georgia Conference.  

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The Homeless Offering

Funding for the grants comes from the Homeless Offering, usually received in United Methodist Churches the fourth Sunday in February as designated by the North Georgia Conference. Congregations are welcome to receive the offering on any Sunday that works for their particular calendar. Any other donations given to the Housing and Homeless Council, including proceeds from the pin sales, also go to support the grant funding.  

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Our Council

The Council is made up of clergy and lay representatives from each of the 8 districts of the North Georgia Conference, plus up to 12 at-large members. These members are volunteers, approved by the Annual Conference. They give generously of their time, energy, skills, knowledge, and resources. 

Council Information:


Policies and Procedures

Site Visitor's Council Report

Next meeting:

September 19, 2024

Learn more about our recent grantees:

2023 recipients

2024 recipient

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