Since 1990, the Housing and Homeless Council has given grants totaling $4,870,838.

This map shows the location of the organizations that have received grants. Many have received multiple grants.

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The Homeless Offering

Funding for the grants comes from the Homeless Offering, usually taken in United Methodist Churches the fourth Sunday in February, designated by the Annual Conference as Homeless Offering Sunday. (Some churches take the Homeless Offering on other Sundays that are more appropriate for their local church calendar.) Any other donations given to the Housing and Homeless Council also go to support the grant funding.


Rev. Laura Rappold began as Director of the Housing and Homeless Council on July 7, 2015. Prior to holding this position, Laura served as the Director of Case Management for the Transitional Housing program at Action Ministries, Inc. She is passionate about addressing the issues surrounding homelessness and poverty, and loves partnering with congregations and ministries across the conference to work towards solutions for ending homelessness. Contact her at or 866.333.1760.


The North Georgia United Methodist Housing & Homeless Council is an agency of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church and was created to partner with and support churches and other organizations who are ministering to those experiencing poverty and homelessness. The Council grants funds to churches and non-profit agencies that provide housing, food pantries,rental and utility assistance, clothing closets, and other services to our brothers and sisters in need.

Council Members

The Council is made up of a clergy and a lay representative from each of the 12 districts in the North Georgia Conference plus up to 12 at-large members. These members are volunteers, elected by the Annual Conference. They give generously of their time, energy, skills, knowledge and resources.
Council Members Page

2018-2019 Council Members: 

ACPK Clergy :     Alfred Hoard                                                  At Large Clergy: 

ACPK Lay:            Cindy Corona                                                     Zach Fitzpatrick

ADOX Clergy:     Travia Speer                                                Jennifer Hansen (financial)

ADOX Lay:        Charles Barber                                                      Karen Lyons

AGST Clergy:      Julia Crim                                                             Sally Oakes

AGST Lay:      Judy Teasley                                                             Elaine Wilder

AMAR Clergy:    Roger Vest (chair)

AMAR Lay:          Louise Young

AMRY Clergy:     Joseph Crawford

AMRY Lay:           Woody Driskill

AROS Clergy:      Jenna Kennedy                                                At Large Laity: 

AROS Lay:            Stephanie Dressler

ATHN Clergy:     Matt Parker                                                        Cece Dixon

ATHN Lay:           Shirley Alcorn                                                    Pam Buzbee

GNSV Clergy:     Sandy Skinner (vice-chair)                                Jo Sheetz

GNSV Lay:           Jennifer Boydstun                                             Phylississ Ransom

GRFN Clergy:      Candy Thacker                                        Karen Forehand  (secretary)

GRFN Lay:           Barbara Rankin                                                  Howard Cox

LAGR Clergy:      Deborah Holloway                                            Darlene Duke

LAGR Lay:            Carol Cain

NWST Clergy:      Thom Shores                                                 Emeritus Members: 

NWST Lay:           Donna Greeson                                             Lige Moore

ROCA Clergy:     Ed Dickens                                                     Verdery Cunningham

ROCA Lay:         Paul Henry                                                      Sara Worden


Director: Laura Rappold

Connectional Ministries Rep: Scott Parrish

Persons in Poverty Rep: Pamela Perkins Carn

Resettlement Rep: Andy Peabody

Cabinet Rep: Alice Rogers